Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 14


Chapter 14 : Adding Oil Onto the Fire

She had heard every single word that had come  out of Di Yaotian’s mouth just then.

This was really ridiculous. The original owner of this body and Di Fuling were both daughters of the Di Family. However, the first time that she had set foot in the main lobby, automatically made her punishable for something. Her position in the family could be clearly seen from this. It was simply too far low.

“You evil creature, kneel down and apologize to Fuling!”

The moment that she had come into the main lobby, Di Yaotian had started to speak  in a harsh tone.

Di Fuyao’s expression  had looked very innocent in that instant, and acted as if she did not hear anything, “Huh?” she said.

“I’m telling you to kneel down!” Di Yaotian’s face turned dark as he said this.

“I am sorry, but I, Di Fuyao, would not kneel down to the sky or the ground. As for her…” Di Fuyao said and began to laugh lightly. Her sharp gaze swept past Di Fuling who was kneeling on the ground. Then she smiled and said, “She is not worthy enough!”

Beneath that tranquill laughter, her aura was stronger than Di Yaotian’s. It was not a shallow aura, but one that came from deep within, an aura that was not simply just for show.She was unyielding, uninhibited, and saw herself above the world.

In that instant, the entire main lobby turned silent, and no one dared to speak.

Di Yaotian’s face was completely red, his expression contorted into one of rage and humiliation.

His eyes narrowed and started deeply at the daughter whom he had neglected for years.

“Then what about me?! Shouldn’t I be worthy enough for you to kneel down to?!”

“You? The one who was pregnant with me for ten months was my mother. You have only made a little bit of contribution.” Di Fuyao said as her eyes flashed with  a sense of ridicule. What kind of father are you? The original owner of this body had been living a life worst than one of a pig’s. You were her father in blood, but had never once looked at her properly.

And now you are talking about worthiness? Haha! Did you still want to save face? ?

“Housekeeper, bring over the horse whip!” Di Yaotian demanded angrily. There had never been anyone who had dared to openly disobey him. It seems like her previous timidness was all a facade. This stupid girl really was the same as her mother, a domineering and rampant disaster!

“Father, don’t get angry. At the most this daughter can just lay in bed for a few months and recover…” said Di Fuling submissively. It seemed like she was trying to calm him down, but was actually pouring oil onto  the fire.

The anger on Di Yaotian’s face increased and hurriedly urged housekeeper Li, “Old Li, bring the horse whip!”

On the other side, Di Fuyao was seated without an ounce of nervousness. She had crossed her legs, and started to slowly sip the tea that she had poured for herself. After her dry throat had been moistened, she said in a calm tone, “When have I ever hit you?”

Di Fuling never once thought that Di Fuyao would act dumb and ask that question. She angrily rolled up her sleeve, and displayed an arm filled with wounds.

There were so many eyes watching, she would not believe that Di Fuyao would continue to deny this fact.

However, she really did underestimate Di Fuyao. Di Fuling was only able to see Di Fuyao’s blank expression and began to speak in an innocent voice,  “Fifth Sister, are you talking about last night?” Come over here and let me see. I went to sleep early yesterday. What happened to you when I wasn’t there?”

Di Yaotian held the horse whip in his hands with a darky face, “Last night?”

“Yeah. Fifth Sister, your wounds were from last night, right? Chunxi can be a witness for me and say that I wasn’t there. Fifth Sister, why must you slander me?” Di Fuyao said with an innocent smile.

In that instant, Di Fuling was at a lost for words. Chunxi was already dead, and a dead person could not testify. This b*tch, Di Fuyao said that on purpose! She was too shameless! She could only admit it now!

“Fourth Sister, I am sorry! In the future Fuling will definitely listen to you. Don’t hit me anymore, because the whip hurts really badly!”

Di Fuling was not worried about Chunxi’s death since she was just a servant. She was more worried about the matter of Luo Feiyue’s contract beast dying; thus, causing Luo Feiyue to become heavily injured. This revelation would ruin her so she quickly changed the topic and started to act pitifully.

“My Lord, Fuling was hit to the point of having injuries all over her body, and these injuries might also leave behind scars. Would Fuling still be able to get married if this matter were to spread?” said Yunshi, pouring more oil into Di Yaotian’s anger, “My lord, if you do not give Fuling justice, then wouldn’t you be breaking the rules of the Di Family? How would outsiders look at the Di Family?”

“Mother, it is nothing for this daughter to suffer some wrongs. As long as Fourth Sister is happy, then everything else is fine. Wu~

The mother and daughter pair were playing along perfectly. In a split second, they had  roused up Di Yaotian’s anger again.

“You stupid girl, you still dare to deny! Are you telling me that your eldest mother and your sister are both slandering you?!”

The overbearing force of the horse whip was swung into the air and suddenly flew towards Du Fuyao. She then calmly blocked the attack with the teacup that she had been sipping out of. And only a sharp could have been heard. A deep crack had been left on the broken teacup, had that whip landed on her wrist just then, it would have definitely been broken.

Di Yaotian’s eyes widened unbelievingly. There were only a few people in the household who could block his whip. He had never once thought that this trash, who had no strength or element power, would be able to block his strike so easily.

“You are the family head, yet you do not have the skill to tell between right and wrong. I really wonder if you got that position with your connections!” Di Fuyao said as she set down the cracked teacup and began to slowly get up. Her expression was full of innocence, but also carried traces of doubt.

The words that she had just uttered were like a large bomb, baffling Di Yaotian. This weak trash even dared to ridicule him in front of such a big crowd! This was completely unacceptable!

The more he saw her acting calm and confident, the stronger the anger inside of him burned.


Di Fuyao blocks the horsewhip and is still called weak? Di Yaotian… Are you blind?????


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