Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 13



Chapter 13 : Family Banquet

No more words were said throughout the night.

When Di Fuyao woke up, the sky was already bright. There was no one near her, but there was a long black cloak on top of her, blocking the wind and cold for her. A smell similar to that pervert drifted into her nose.

“At least you have some human feelings,” said Di Fuyao as she smiled. She grabbed the soft cloak, and then she turned around and left Bai Xiang Garden.

Since Di Yaotian was coming back today, the entirety of Di Manor was very busy. No one noticed her strolling past them.

Yunshi had been busy preparing a feast and a bath for her husband since the morning. When outsiders saw this, they said that the eldest madam was a model for all of the wives in the country. Off to the side, Di Fuling was covering her mouth and laughing proudly. A mother’s honor is the daughter’s honor. As for the show today, she will definitely make it amazing until the curtains drop. Not only would she be getting that lowly servant, Di Fuyao, out of the Di Family, but she would also steal the fire type demonic beast that her Third Sister, Di Shengxia, wanted so badly.

At noon, Di Yaotian joyfully and vigorously came back with goods. Not even mentioning the multiple precious medical ingredients and the young low level demonic beasts that he brought back, just the fire type demonic beast was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

Lying inside the large iron cage was a Flaming Roc Beast with two horns on its head and two wings on its body. Its eyes were flaming red, and its claws were sharp, so it looked very powerful. Although it was still in its youth, its body was larger than most demonic bird beast’s. It was at least twenty feet long, and it would definitely be able to take out two people at a time with just its wings. This beast could spit out fire and fly very fast, so it was usually chosen as the first flying beast mount by people from aristocratic families.

“The Flaming Roc Beast already has Four Star ranked strength. It really did take some time for me to catch it,” said Di Yaotian. In his imposing, cold, and sharp eyes, there was a trace of pride.

Everyone was very surprised. This Flaming Roc Beast really wouldn’t have been easy to catch, especially with its violent nature.

“My lord, your way home must’ve been tiring. Fuling, quickly come pour some tea for you father,” said Yunshi with a smile on her face.

Di Fuling understood what to do immediately. She ran off to pour a cup of tea and then brought it in front of Di Yaotian as she said, “Father…:

When she said those words, her hand suddenly felt weak. It was as if she didn’t have any strength in her hands, and the teacup in her hands fell to the ground. She started to panic and immediately started to pick up the pieces.

“Fuling, you are a young miss from the Di family! How could you be so careless and reckless?!”

Di Yaotian felt displeased, and his good mood was ruined.

“Father, this daughter admits her mistake!” Di Fuling lowered her head and knelt down. Her eyes suddenly turned watery, making her look very pitiful.

When Yunshi saw this, she immediately ran over to help Di Fuling up. “The ground is very cold, and you still have wounds. Hurry and get up.”

Di Yaotian’s eyes widened as he asked, “What wounds?”

“Father, they are just some small injuries… It’s not Fourth Sister’s fault….” Di Fuling sobbed lightly. When everyone saw this scene, they could clearly tell that the Fifth Miss felt wronged but didn’t have the courage to say what had happened.

“What is going on?!” the moment Di Yaotian heard that it had something to do with Di Fuyao, his brows furrowed and a trace of loathing flashed in his eyes.

“Yesterday, Fuling went to look for her Fourth Sister so they could play. Nobody knows why that girl went crazy and hit Fuling to the point of having scars from top to bottom. Fuling didn’t even have enough strength to get out of bed this morning, but she forced herself to get up to see you, my lord!” Yunshi then painfully lifted up Di Fuling’s sleeve.

Everyone was able to see horrifying scars that were all along her arm. Some of the scars were even so deep that the flesh was lacerated,  and the whip marks were fierce and terrifying. This made everyone who saw them suck in a deep, cold breath.

“The scars are not only on Fuling’s arms, but they are also on her whole body. Fuling didn’t want you to be angry, so she didn’t let me tell you, my lord.”

Di Yaotian’s cold and stern face was suddenly covered in a layer of haze. His large palm slapped down on the red sandalwood table, spilling the tea pot, as he furiously roared, “Where is that stupid girl?!”

“Father, don’t blame Fourth Sister. Just see the big problems as small ones, and the small ones as nothing at all!” Di Fuling earnestly pleaded. The face she had while pleading pitifully made the fire in Di Yaotian’s heart burn even more furiously. However, he missed the trace of joyful evil that flashed in her eyes.

“Who would dare to bully Di Yaotian’s daughter?! Housekeeper, bring that stupid girl over here. I will properly teach her a lesson about respect this time!” ordered Di Yaotian as his brows furrowed.

Right when housekeeper Li agreed to go search for her, there was a person standing on a pillar near the doors of the lobby. She was wearing light clothes, and her hands were crossed on her chest. A smile was on her yin yang ghost face. This person was Di Fuyao.


Di Yaotian… Who wouldn’t dare bully your daughter? We know we all hate two-faced white lotuses…


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