Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 12



Chapter 12 : Underestimating the Enemy

“You!” He was clearly taking advantage of her!

However, Ye Chongyuan still maintained a straight face, looking like the perfect gentleman. He exhaled slowly and signaled at her with his eyes to listen to the mother and daughter pair’s conversation.

Di Fuyao gave him a warning glance, and then immediately moved her vision to below the tree. The leaves on the tree coincidentally covered the two, so the Yunshi mother and daughter pair did not even know they were being eavesdropped on and continued their conversation without any restriction.

“This time when your dad comes back from the Twilight Mountain Range, he must have caught a lot of young demonic beasts. I’ve heard that the Third Daughter has been wanting a fire type demonic beast, so you need to get the fire demonic beast before her.” Yunshi squinted her eyes as she reminded Di Fuling repeatedly.

Di Fuling began to laugh disdainfully and said,  “Mother, even though Third Sister is older than me, she was only born from  a concubine. Whereas, I was born from a main wife, so the best fire type demonic beast obviously will be mine! Also, didn’t Third Sister get sent away to a small town?”

Her Third Sister Di Shengxia was born from the second madam. Since her innate talent was a bit on the weaker side, she was sent to a far away valley three years ago to gather herbal medicine. They didn’t even know when she was coming back so why should they worry about her?

“Foolish girl, you are underestimating all of your enemies.” Yunshi said as she sighed. Her eyes went dark and then said, “You may not know yet, but the Third Miss has found a Dragon Spirit Grass. She would probably be coming back to here very soon. With your father’s personality, he will definitely reward her.”

Di Fuling was very surprised, “Third Sister actually managed to dig up a Dragon Spirit Grass?!”

With just a small amount of the Dragon Spirit Grass, about the size of a fingernail, one could increase the pill refining rate and quality of the pill to its pinnacle level! The Dragon Spirit Grass was also the most important ingredient for refining high level pills. The price for this grass started at one million gold. It was an expensive herb that came with an exorbitantly high price and benefit. Despite its price, places rarely sold them due to their rarity.

Even the Di Family that primarily refined medicine only had three strands of the grass. This amount was due to the fact that their father could not bear to use it.

“My daughter, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, then you must behave very well tomorrow, alright?” said Yunshi. She made sure to constantly remind Di Fuling of this.

Di Fuling nodded her head fervently. She naturally knew the reason.

After Yunshi had sent off her daughter, she went back to the inner hall, and did not even notice the two eavesdroppers hiding in the tree.

“Fire type demonic beast, Dragon Spirit Grass, and Di Shengxia…. How could tomorrow’s big show not include me in it?” said Di Fuyao as a demonic smile formed on her face. Her eyes then revealed a glint of astuteness  and cleverness.

In the past, the original owner of this body did not have a single maid, and was unable to even set foot in the main lobby of the Di Family’s residence. Now that Di Fuyao had time travelled here from modern society, how could she stand to be trampled and stepped over by these people without putting up a fight?

Ye Chongyuan looked at the Di Fuyao who was smiling demonically. Her clear amber eyes, combined with her cunningness and cleverness had generated a particular charm that made him smile unconsciously.

“What are you laughing at, Er Gouzi?”

When Di Fuyao had turned her head around, she saw his face just inches away from hers. She happily smiled and said, “I will be resting now, so go wherever you please.”

She began moving out of his embrace, and found a comfortable spot to leisurely lean against.

Fu Jiu’s eyes had widened when he saw his Master being pushed away by Di Fuyao. This little girl in front of him and the one he had investigated were too different! She was simply so fearless that her fearlessness was able to put men to shame.

Instead of getting angry, Ye Chongyuan laughed and said, “It sure isn’t comfortable in the night time outdoors.”

“Tsk, so what?” said Di Fuyao. This was nothing new to her. Which one of her previous missions in her past life weren’t under extreme conditions? She was not phased, she had been put under dire situations before. Forget  sleeping outdoors, she was even used to battling in the wild.

Ye Chongyuan then started to speak in a resentful tone, “This place is not good.”

Not only did the cold wind come blowing in each direction, as the night got later, it would get even colder.

“Then where is good?” Compared to that pig shack, this was already considered a miracle. .

Ye Chongyuan scooted his body forward. His eyes were bright and sharp as he stared at her. A demonic smile appeared on his handsome face. His expression then turned suggestive. Suddenly, he spread his arms open and moved closer to her.

His thoughts were very clear. He had intended for her to move into his embrace as he thought that this was the best place for her to go.

Di Fuyao then rolled her eyes and ignored him. Her legs were stretched out on the branches and her slim body could be clearly seen.   She looked like a mermaid in this instant.

Her eyes were gently shut, and the green leaves had covered the ugly half of her face, leaving the beautiful side exposed. If Ye Chongyuan hadn’t  personally seen how dauntless this little girl was, he would’ve probably thought that she was kind and gentle.

He watched Di Fuyao as she slept with her guard down, then glanced at her hands which were placed across her chest and laughed. The scene in front of him in this moment was extremely beautiful and elegant. Whilst Fu Jiu on the other hand, was shocked into silence. How long has it been since Master smiled like this?


Fu Jiu, get used to it. Ye Chongyuan is a changed man now!


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