Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 11



Chapter 11 : Changing Names

Di Fuyao originally thought that he would refuse without saying another word, however, he actually nodded without even thinking twice.

Di Fuyao coldly harrumphed, “Don’t be so subjective, think about it first. You will not be able to back out once you are with me.”

Fu Jiu was screaming wildly in his heart. Master, please think about this carefully, ah!

“Once I say something I mean it. I won’t go back on my word.” Ye Chongyuan raised his eyes and started to smile demonically. Before she had a chance to respond, he grabbed her soft little hands and truthfully said,, “The next half of my life will now be your responsibility.”

This little wild cat was really interesting. He felt like if she wasn’t in his his life, then his life would be too boring.

Di Fuyao’s mouth was wide open, and she was at a loss for words.

There was an ominous feeling in her heart, and she felt like she had just been defeated after trying to come out on top.

She originally wanted to get rid of this demon, but now he was stuck to her like glue. Don’t even mention how angry she was now. When she looked at his pleased and joyful face, she wanted to rub mud all over it; his expression was one that was just looking for a beating. Let’s see if he would still be smiling then!

Ye Chongyuan was laughing like an evil and successful old fox.

Fu Jiu stared at Di fuyao from the darkness, his expression also dark.

There were countless women who wanted to crawl up into his Master’s bed, but no one was able to melt the ice mountain in his Master’s heart. Since he had been born, Di Fuyao was the first woman that Master had let get close to him of his own free will..

He saw everything that happened at the beast room clearly. The methods this girl used were swift and fierce, and her thoughts were also meticulous and crafty. Since this type of clever and spicy woman was getting close to his master, he must carefully guard against her.

Fu Jiu actually misunderstood Di Fuyao. She didn’t want to crawl up into Ye Chongyuan’s bed, but rather she only wanted to get rid of him. She wanted to get him as far away from her as possible!

“Hey, get away from me!” Di Fuyao glared at him with loathing. When he got an inch he wanted a mile, and he continuously leaned closer to her body. This tree clearly had lots of room, but he kept trying to lean closer to her. Was he looking for a beating?!

Ye Chongyuan was still smiling when he shamelessly whispered into her ear, “Your little husband is not called ‘hey’.”

“Alright then, Er Gouzi, get away from me!” Di Fuyao said as she rollled her eyes. Who cares what you are called? Hmph!

(TL/N : Er Gouzi means stupid, so Di Fuyao is essentially calling him stupid.)

“Psh-” Fu Jiu couldn’t hold in his laughter.

He could only see his Master’s face darken. Such a simple name was not compatible with his Master’s Ghost Emperor identity.

Di Fuyao saw that Ye Chongyuan hadn’t moved, so she smiled and said, “Er Gouzi, what were the three rules again?”

“Never be gentle, never be considerate, and never be reasonable?” said Ye Chongyuan while smiling demonically.

“The heck is this?” The corners of Di Fuyao’s mouth twitched again.

This guy was filled with lots of tricks, and he knows how to deduce many things from just one case.

He smiled brightly, and his name came out of his soft pink lips, “My name is Ye Chongyuan.”

When he finished talking, his eyes held a trace of seriousness. Everyone who heard those two words would feel like as if their soul had been removed from their body. Would this little girl’s expression change once she heard his great name?

“It doesn’t sound good. Since you will be following me, you will be called Er Gouzi from now on.”

Di Fuyao said this with a straight face, and it was as if she had never heard of him before. His intimidating  name was useless before her.

Ye Chongyuan’s expression was as if he had been wronged, and he looked at her anxiously. He was extremely unsatisfied with the name Er Gouzi.

He was the high and mighty Ghost Emperor! How could he still have face if the world knew that he was called Er Gouzi?!

“Are you not satisfied?” asked Di Fuyao coldly.

Ye Chongyuan then nodded his head.

“Alright then what about Wang Cai. It’s such a rich name.”


He might as well just stick with Er Gouzi!

(TN: Wang Cai is also quite a common and simple name, and it means “wish for riches”. However,  I’ve personally only seen dogs named Wang Cai :P)

This was Ye Chongyuan’s first time feeling so strenuous and unrewarded. However, the harder the little wild cat was to tame, the more he liked it.  It had been a long time since he had felt so without restraint. This endlessly interesting game of taming had only just begun.

At this moment, Yunshi and Di Fuling walked out of the main hall, and they coincidentally stopped under the silver cassia tree.

Di Fuyao held her breath so that she wouldn’t be caught by them.. However, that demon behind her purposely squeezed her waist, almost making her scream out.

She turned around to glare at him, but Ye Chongyuan had an innocent smile on his face, his evil claws continuing to poke at her waist. He looked very pleased, and it seemed like this was his gift in return for what she did earlier.

The ticklish feeling on her waist made her want to laugh. However, the Yunshi mother and daughter pair were just under the tree, so she could only gnash her teeth and endure it.

Her hand chopped towards him, but Ye Chongyuan was able to catch her hand again and pull her into his embrace. The position that they were in right now was as if they were a loving couple, with Di Fuyao sitting on Ye Chongyaun’s lap.


When Ye Chongyuan is trying to be “nice” but just gets abused and called a dog in the end… *he deserved it* 😛


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