Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 10



Chapter 10 : Pervert

There was only a soft groan, and she had successfully escaped!

“Oh shiznuts!” screamed Fu Jiu as he saw his master’s “dignity” being held tightly  in her hands. He immediately broke out in a cold sweat and worried that his master was going to perform a massacre.

Ye Chongyuan’s handsome face stiffened for a few seconds. He raised his brows and looked at the impudent little wild cat.

The little wild cat really was  vigorous and valiant! The blushing and childish personality didn’t fit her at all. However, he did not expect this little girl to have so much courage. They were arguing over one remark, and she just grabbed his “Little Ye”

(TN: “Little Ye” is referring to Cough that Cough)

As Fu Jiu was watching her, sweat began rolling down his head. No one had ever dared to touch master, not even a single strand of hair…

This little girl would be dead for sure!

As  Di Fuyao began to feel  proud of herself, Ye Chongyuan comfortably groaned. He seemed to be enjoying the situation, and Fu Jiu was really confused.

“How does it feel?”


Di Fuyao gave a faint smile, and clearly ignored his shamefulness this time. She used all of the strength in her hand and tugged hard.

“Little shrew, is this all the strength that you have?” Ye Chongyuan said with a brilliant smile. That smile from the demon made Di Fuyao gnash her teeth and use more strength.

Suddenly, the thing between them began heating up, and a burning sensation started occurring.

Di Fuyao’s small pale face suddenly turned red, and she immediately let her hand go. She then screamed, “Pervert!”

“I didn’t do anything. It was you who took advantage of me, and then you  scolded me afterwards. Where is the justice?” Ye Chongyuan said as he acted pitifully.  The man was acting as if he was an angry wife. His dark phoenix eyes blinked sadly as he pitifully said to her, “You have to take responsibility for this!”


She didn’t do anything to him! Why does she have to take responsibility?!

Di Fuyao rarely ever felt awkward. However, to get a win from this shameless demon,  she had to  be even more shameless.

As these thoughts filled her mind, her usually sharp and clear eyes began to become muddled.

“Look here mister, I don’t get enough food, I sleep outdoors, and I don’t even have a place to call home. I am already so poor that I have absolutely nothing of value. If you want to be touched, then look for someone else. Hey, look! Those two ladies in there have countless amount of treasures and riches. If you take off your clothes and lay in there, I promise you that you don’t have to worry about food or clothing for the rest of your life,” said Di Fuyao in a distressful manner as she pointed to the mother daughter pair inside. The more she spoke, the more excited her voice had become and even began to help Ye Chongyuan come up with a “sell his body for riches” plan.

“I don’t care! My Little Ye will only recognize you!” yelled Ye Chongyuan and then began to act unreasonable. He gripped on to Di Fuyao’s arm, refusing to  let go.

Di Fuyao cussed in her heart, and then began to put on a pitiful face again as she said, “Mister, please let go of me. I am a person without the three basic things of life. I would not be able to take care of you.”

“What is the three basic things of life that you lack as a person?” asked Ye Chongyuan as a sense of curiosity flashed by his eyes.

“No car, no house, and no money!”


These two perched on top of the tree were engaging in a battle of wordplay and acting ability. Fu Jiu who was hidden in the shadows was beyond shocked by their arguments and acting. In particular, Di Fuyao’s, she was simply too courageous! Not only that, but why did his usually quiet master who usually never spoke or even laughed have such swiftly calculated pitiful responses when he spoke to this girl?

Was this the same master who controlled and shook the world with terror?

Fu Jiu was very doubtful at this moment.

On the other hand, those two were still fighting with their acting skills. In the end, Di Fuyao was the one who ended up losing.

The reason was because that guy had continued to hold on to her clothes and refused to let go. His grip was so strong that she felt her clothes were about to be pulled off. So she could only back down and say, H“Alright alright, I will take responsibility.”

Di Fuyao then placed her hands on her hips, and she authoritatively y said, “I can take responsibility  for you, but you must follow my Di family’s rules.”

Ye Chongyuan’s phoenix eyes lit up, and a cunning look flashed by his eyes as he asked, “Di Family rules?”

“Not the Di Family’s rules!  They’re my rules, Di Fuyao’s, rules!” corrected Di Fuyao aggressively, “There is only one rule, Three cong and four de”

Ye Chongyuan blinked his eyes and curiously asked, “How do I follow the rules?”

“The three rules: when I go out, you must follow, when I order, you must obey, and when you are wrong, you must accept the consequences. The four virtues: when I am not happy, you must comfort me, when I’m speaking g, you must remember my words, when spending money, you must be able to part with it, and when you are scolded, you must endure it.” Di Fuyao looked at him provokingly, “Are you able to do all that?”

Her thoughts were very simple. They were men, so their face will always be more important than anything else in the world.  They had only met today so there was no way this man was going to lower his head to her.  Her goal was very simple, and it was to get him out of her life!

Fu Jiu’s expression changed as he listened to her rules. What three rules and four virtues?! She was clearly insulting his master! He could barely restrain his anger, and was very close to confronting her to end her life.


I’m dying right now. Love the MC. If only all guys in the world would follow those rules…


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