Concubine’s Stunning Daughter: Chapter 1



TL : Mteng

TLC : Rabbit

Editor : Modlawls

A sudden burst of pain was followed by an ice cold breeze.

Di Fuyao’s brain immediately woke up. She had not opened her eyes yet when a stinky smell assaulted her nostrils.

Her clear eyes opened. There was an old stinky grass pile that caught her eye. The simple fence was not able to block the cold breeze. The fence was blown to the point of almost collapsing.

“Oink.. oink…”

A fat headed, large eared female pig snorted as it raised its nose. Its sharp and fierce teeth bit her back. Alarmed, Di Fuyao climbed up from the ground and looked at her surroundings. She was in a stinky pig shack. There were also a few small pigs sleeping on the pile of grass.

“The heck?! What happened?!”

Di Fuyao subconsciously looked down at herself. Stir fried green beans covered her thin and weak body. Her clothes seemed like they had not been washed in a long time, and they were made from dirty rags. Both of her arms had purple patches and signs of rubbing. From a single glance, one could tell that this was caused by long term abuse.


She was the highest and mightiest, the best assassin in the world. She had a perfect body with skin as pale as snow. Why did she have such a ghastly look?!

What was strange was that she still remembers assassinating one of the nation’s largest drug dealers at the Golden Triangle. However, she was betrayed by her most trusted partner, resulting in her body being torn apart and her bones crushed by an explosion.

Why would she be attacked by pigs the moment she woke up?

While she was feeling doubtful and confused, she suddenly heard two hurried footsteps from the dark.

Her instincts from being a long term professional assassin told her that the people who were coming did not have good intentions.

Di Fuyao was suddenly alert. She immediately laid down on the grass pile and closed her eyes, trying to fake being a corpse.

“The Fifth Young Miss has ordered for this lowly servant to be fed to the wild beasts!”

Outside of the pig shack, a maid named Chun Xi held her nose as she acted high and mighty while ordering a strong man.

“Yes!” The strong man said before he immediately ran into the pig shed. He looked at the ugly person laying on the grass pile with loathing before he gathered up his courage and carried her out.

The whole journey was shaky and bumpy.

While on top of the strong man’s shoulders, Di Fuyao received an unfamiliar memory.

As it turns out, the reason for her to strangely appear here was because her spirit rebirthed into a young girl who had the same name as her.

This world, that is extremely magical and mysterious, is called the Jade Sky Continent. The original owner was one of the medical families in Nan Xuan Kingdom. The Fourth Young Miss of the Di family has a lowly status and had a very ugly appearance. When she took an innate test at three years old, she was unable to cultivate the powers of the elements because of her naturally blocked vessels. Ever since then, she has been treated like trash in the Di family, and no one cared about her life.

Di Fuyao slightly curved the corners of her mouth. In her previous life, she had always been killing and assassinating people to become one of the best assassin. She doesn’t want her rebirth to be wasted.

Maybe it was the gods giving her another chance to live her life freely.

So what if she was ugly? It was only a layer of skin, so she would not care about it.

So what if she doesn’t have innate capabilities? Even if she has to use all of her strength, she will still fly! She will definitely not be one of those ants that are willing to be stepped on by anyone.

Now, she is not the idiot that she was before. If anyone dares to bully her, she will make them die a horrible death!

Under Chun Xi’s orders, the strong man carried her outside of the beast room.

At that moment, around five young misses that were all wearing jewelry from head to toe appeared. The one who was leading the grouped seemed to be a young girl around the age of fourteen. She was dressed in pink and wore lots of jewelry. There were a few golden hairpins that were very eye catching in her hair. On her beautiful face, there was a high spirited grin. This was Di Fuling.

“Fifth Young Miss, the idiot has been brought over!” said Chun Xi doglegly.

(T/N: Doglegly means that someone has a sweet mouth, and that they compliment someone a lot.)

“The heck?! So stinky… How is this even a person??? It is clearly a stinking pig!” said a girl wearing green clothes as she held her nose.

Di Fuling’s beautiful face flashed with a trace of viciousness before she happily made a proposal, “Do you guys want to see the standoff between the stinking pig and the lightning leopard?”

When Di Fuyao, who was pretending to be dead, heard this, she cursed in her heart for her bad luck.

This young lady was a bit too vicious! She was neglecting someone’s life just to relieve her own boredom and have fun! She even wanted to throw her into the beast room and get her to fight with a demonic beast!

To say it nicely, they were dueling. To say it frankly, she was being abused!

If she really did go into the beast room with the former owner’s body, she would’ve died or become deformed.

“Throw this stinking pig in there!” ordered Di Fuling. The young girls around her were all laughing. They were all ready to watch a good show.

Chun Xi opened the doors to the beast room before the strong man carried Di Fuyao inside.

Just as everyone was waiting for the show to start, an accident suddenly happened.



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