Evil Son Black Bellied Mother : Chapter 3.1

Hey guys! Okay, so it turns out that uploading the wrong novel title, cover and summary had more problems than I thought…. Shout out to Ledii for actually talking to Tony (not Parth-who-is-not-Tony, but the actual Tony dude) on Novelupdates, who managed to fix all my problems. THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH FOR MAKING MY LIFE LESS CRAZY.

And of course, to viewers like you. Thank you. 😛

Anyways, here’s Chapter 3.1~

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Evil Son Black Bellied Mother : Chapter 2.2

Hey guys! Okay, so…. apparently, I actually translated the wrong synopsis and had the wrong book cover because I found this other book, which has the exact same cover but one word difference, and I can’t seem to pay attention to details. :'( Therefore, I’ll be renaming the book as “Evil Son Black Bellied Mother” from now. ARGH WHY NAME THEM THE SAME THING???????? *even though it’s my fault* I’ll figure out a way to get it changed on Novelupdates… Credits to Xocolet for telling Eris the editor, who then told me. 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH OR ELSE IT WOULD PROBABLY STILL BE WRONG.

Anyways, here’s Chapter 2.2~

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Evil Child Black Bellied Mother : Chapter 2.1

Okay, just got a quick thing to say… One of my classmates, who I was pretty close with, committed suicide last week, which is why this chapter is coming out this week instead of last week. And I wanted to bring this up because suicide rates have been increasing (well, where I live in California, they’ve been increasing), especially among high school students. The person who you might least expect to be depressed may end up being the one to commit suicide. Of course, there’s the usual signs of sadness, withdrawal from social interactions, and everything else, but sometimes, there aren’t any outward signs. If any of you guys are concerned about someone, please, please, PLEASE call your country’s suicide hotline. And if the person that’s feeling depressed is you, please talk to someone, such as a therapist, about it. Call the suicide hotline, go visit a therapist, or maybe go to rehab if that’s what you need. Because doing this won’t just save your life; you’ll also be doing a favor for your family and friends, who would rather have a happy, living you rather than a dead you. And always, ALWAYS remember : no matter what, there’s someone out there who loves you, who thinks about you, and who will miss you if you’re gone.

Here’s Chapter 2.1

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Evil Child Black Bellied Mother : Chapters 1.1 – 1.2

Hey guys! It’s the holiday season and so… We’re launching a new project! It’s called Evil Child Black Bellied Mother and I’m so freaking excited to translate this! I love this story mostly because of the main character, Su Ying, who is kick-butt and has a brain that I would take if I was a zombie (I’m not, but I’ll still take it if she offers).

I’ll be dividing the chapters into two parts since they’re a little on the longer side (for me, at least. The majority of the novels I translate are 1k characters per a chapter and this one is 2k so… :P)

Here’s Chapters 1.1 – 1.2~ Hope you guys will like this novel as much as I do!

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