About Us

We’re a group of Rabbitism Cultivators who enjoy bringing joy to the world through our unique way of cultivating : translating and editing novels!

Translators : 

Rabbit – Hey guys! I’m a GIANT (not smol) rabbit that loves translating Chinese novels into English! As an avid reader, I’ve always found Chinese novels fascinating and accidentally stumbled upon the translating community in April of 2017. Since then, I’ve managed to get my feet wet in this translating world as well! Please support me as we travel on this path to the peak of Rabbitism Cultivation! You guys are the best~ Love you all <3 *hugs*

Translations : Poisoning the World, My Wayward Ex-Wife, Concubine’s Stunning Daughter, Evil Child Black-Bellied Wife, and a few secret projects…


Translations : Poisoning the World

Mteng – Hello everyone, I am Mteng! I was born in China, but I grew up in the United States. I am fluent in both Mandarin and English. I am still new to the world of translating, and I hope to get better as I translate more :P. I used to read Chinese novels that are translated into English, since I could only read a little bit of Chinese before. Then one day I came across at discord link from one of the novels I had been reading, and I offered to help translate. And now here I am! I hope you guys enjoy the translated novels <3.

Translations : Concubine’s Stunning Daughter : Ghost Emperor Please Be Lenient


Editors :


Edits : Poisoning the World


Edits : Poisoning the World

Ailin – Hello, I am Ailin. Other than My Wayward Ex-Wife, I am editing on Empress Running Away with the Ball from Haseo. I was first introduced to Chinese novels by Chinese Dramas,  in August 2007 when I wanted to read the novel that I really like. After finishing Li Chuan’s Past from shushengbar, I began editing in early 2017, and to my horror, I found the crazy translating/editing sect. If any of you want to die with humor, come and join Rabbit’s server!

Edits : My Wayward Ex-Wife

Peijun – Hey everyone ^.^ I’m fairly new to editing Chinese novels so please bear with me hahaha. I’ve been reading Chinese novels for a while and absolutely love them (I mean, have you seen the artwork? drools). I coincidentally stumbled on this opportunity so I decided to put my skills in editing to use and hopefully I’ll be able to edit more for you guys:two_hearts:. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, I’d love to have a chat with you guys anytime:grin:

Edits : Concubine’s Stunning Daughter : Ghost Emperor Please Be Lenient

Modlawls – Hello, I am Modlawls or Gammarays. Other than Concubine’s Stunning Daughter, I work on Life After Marriage, Shura’s Wrath, and Divine Throne of Primordial Blood. I was first introduced to Chinese novels by a friend of mine in August 2016. After finishing ISSTH, I found myself wanting to contribute to the community. I began editing in August 2017, and to my delight, I found a vibrant translating/editing community. If any of you want to talk, come and hang out on Rabbit’s server!

Edits : Concubine’s Stunning Daughter : Ghost Emperor Please Be Lenient

Aleam – Hi everyone, I’m Aleam the editor, random pianist, karaoke crack head, part time trap, number 1 house husband jk. If I’m not dying from over work I’m procrastinating and or slacking off. I’m also in Uni studying economics and business management; but seriously dying from work here. I’m trilingual, I speak English, French and mandarin fluent, but don’t ask me to translate. (*I’m already dying from working here send help) Nothing else to really say about myself so please enjoy the chapters I pump out.

Edits : Evil Child Black Bellied Mother