Evil Child Black Bellied Mother : Chapters 1.1 – 1.2

Hey guys! It’s the holiday season and so… We’re launching a new project! It’s called Evil Child Black Bellied Mother and I’m so freaking excited to translate this! I love this story mostly because of the main character, Su Ying, who is kick-butt and has a brain that I would take if I was a zombie (I’m not, but I’ll still take it if she offers).

I’ll be dividing the chapters into two parts since they’re a little on the longer side (for me, at least. The majority of the novels I translate are 1k characters per a chapter and this one is 2k so… :P)

Here’s Chapters 1.1 – 1.2~ Hope you guys will like this novel as much as I do!

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Concubine’s Stunning Daughter : Chapters 15-16

Hey guys! Hope you guys had a great time over the holidays! Now that some of the big ones are over, it’s time to get rolling again~ (Well, New Years is still around the corner, so there’s still more food to eat!)

Here’s Chaptesr 15-16, with more to come soon!

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My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapters 10-11

Hey guys! And we’re back and ready to roll! There’ll be more updates coming soon~

Here’s Chapters10-11~

Hope you guys had fun during the holidays! New Years is right around the corner…

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No Chapters This Week – It’s Death Week (Finals)

Hey guys! Okay… So… It turns out this week/next week will be college/high school finals week, and as most of the members on this team are either in college or high school… That means that there’s no one to edit the chapters or even translate in the first place. We’re really sorry about that! There are actually some chapters that have been translated but not edited yet, so I don’t want to release barely comprehendible translations (did I ever mention how important editors are? They make translations amazing~).

We’re really sorry about that! *kowtows* On the bright side… There’ll be mass releases for Christmas, so at least we’ll make it up for you guys during that time!

Good luck to everyone who’s taken their finals (kind of useless now, I guess), who are taking their finals, or will be! Or even those who are gloating over the fact that they don’t have to take finals… #envy THE RABBITISM SPIRITUAL POWER IS WITHIN YOU. YOU CAN CONQUER THAT FINAL AND SURVIVEEEEEEE~

My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 9

Hey guys! Sorry for the really late post. I apparently had a debate tournament that my team signed me up for that I didn’t know about, and then we made it to finals, so then there went Thursday, Friday, and my entire weekend. Whelp. So much for homework, too. :'(

Here’s Chapter 9~ I’m literally dying to get to Chapter 30, where all the fun starts!

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