My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 4

Hey guys~ Here’s Chapter 4! I’m trying to increase releases, but as this is a new novel, the schedule’s a little iffy, and I’m trying to stockpile for it~ But here it is~

By the way, did I mention that My Wayward Ex-Wife is actually completed at 106 chapters? That means… This novel doesn’t drag on forever AND it has a good plot that doesn’t derail! *high fives everyone*

Speaking of which, I’m planning on making a Patreon for this novel, Concubine’s, Evil Child (first chapter will be out soon!) and Poisoning the World. Be on the lookout for it soon~

Translator : Peanutt

TLC : Rabbit

Editor : Ailin

2 thoughts on “My Wayward Ex-Wife : Chapter 4

  1. C hristiine Govinden-Loh Reply

    Will support u on patreon !

  2. Adnana Reply

    Yay for more short/medium-length novels being translated!! The long (2000+ chapters) ones are impossible to avoid repetitive, draggy plots, plus… I’ll probably get old before they are completely translated (if they even will be–which is also kinda doubtful, because, wow, 2000+ chapters… that’s some commitment). Anyway… thank you for picking this up. 🙂

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