Hey guys! Okay, so I really want to address a topic that a lot of people have brought up with me, and that’s ads.

If you don’t have an adblocker or something, I’m sure that if you’ve clicked some link, you’ve have been re-directed to this ad before moving on to the actual link content. That is not a mistake and you have clicked the right thing.

The reason why I implement these ads is because translating and editing takes a lot of effort, as I’m sure some of you may know. I feel really bad if I don’t pay my translators and editors money, since they work so much to translate and edit these chapters. Because I have my own website, I can’t depend on anyone else to give me ad revenue other than ads that I put on the website myself.

It’s the same with favors, you know? Wouldn’t you feel bad if your friend did so many favors for you and you never repaid them? That’s why I have ads. So that I can compensate for the time and effort the translators and editors spend working.

So for the people who have been complaining : I completely understand why. Ads might get really annoying. However, this is sort of like a moral decision because it makes me feel really bad if I just take advantage of them. Therefore, I hope you guys can look past the ads and still support us~

As for whether more ads will appear : yes. I haven’t implemented any other ad service yet, so I literally make $0.04 a week. I’ve been told that AdSense is pretty nice, so I might check that out. Also, I will probably do a Patreon for all the novels (of course, I’ll have special access to chapters and extra bonuses for Patreon). I know no one likes ads, but it’s a way to support the workers. And I will admit, if I go onto a WordPress website and I see ads, sometimes, I click on an interesting one just because.

Anyways, my talk is done! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can DM me via Discord, email me at, or just comment down below. Love you all~ <3

P.S. I will set up a schedule for all the novels sometime soon! Just got to figure everything out with this website and some tweaks here and there.

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