My Wayward Ex-Wife Chapter 1

Hey guys! This is a new novel I’ve been really wanting to translate. But it’s also been really popular, so I figured… claim it before it gets taken away from me.

So here’s Chapter 1 of this new novel~ Hope you enjoy! Chapter 2 will be out… sometime soon 😛

By the way, if you guys haven’t checked out the synopsis of this novel yet, here is a link to it!



8 thoughts on “My Wayward Ex-Wife Chapter 1

  1. Staz Reply

    Really like this. Can’t wait for more

  2. auguillio Reply

    Sooo cuteeee
    Thank you for the chapter

  3. Maki Reply

    Thanks… waiting for more 😘

  4. RedsFable Reply

    More more more! Lol this sounds really interesting!

  5. RedsFable Reply

    When will this be up on Novel Updates?
    *Could you put a link on the synopsis to chapter 1 please?
    (‘ . ‘)(‘ . ‘) [Synopsis]_____[Chapter 1]

  6. Kait Reply

    Oh man, u no they say if u enjoy the first chapter ull love the whole book. Well lets hope that rings true, cuz im lovin this 1st chapter lol. Lil 3 yr old laughing at a deamon… ohhh priceless

  7. Kiraa Reply

    I could get hooked on this one very easily! Thanks!

  8. pili Reply

    got hooked in the first time… please continue it. oh yes, what ia the raw title in chinese?

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