Welcome to our New Site!

Hey guys! Welcome to the new virtual home for Rabbitism Sect! This is a new website that’s still in the works, so it’s a little… problematic at times. Please be patient as I try to figure everything out! I’m really bad at tech too… Shout outs to Amery for helping me fix most of my problems!

I’ll be slowly updating all the pages and stuff. Also, as I’m sure you will notice, there’re two new projects! One’s called My Wayward Ex-Wife and it’s page will be updated soon, if it hasn’t been updated yet. The other one’s called Concubine’s Stunning Daughter : Ghost Emperor Please Be Lenient. The cover is actually so pretty! I’ll be putting the page up for that one soon as well~

Thank you all for sticking with me and your support! Love you all~ <3

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our New Site!

  1. eunieberry Reply

    Yatta~ WordPress!! 😆 Woooohoooo🎉🎊I can’t really comment in mbc cause it always crashes when I try to do so 😞 Btw ummmmm….Rabbit-sama do you know anyone who’d want to pick up the novel Man Man Qing Luo? (Or if possible can you pick it up?) It’s a really interesting novel but it’s previous translators dropped it 😭

    1. rabbit Reply

      Awwwwww. Glad to meet a reader~ <3
      Hm………. It really is a nice novel~ I would love to translate it, but unfortunately, I might have a little too much on my plate :'( I'll definitely ask around if anyone wants to translate it, though! It seems like a really interesting novel! I found a summary of it, but it's not the same feel as translated… :'(

  2. Xhin Reply

    Nice! I’ll waiting for your new project ^-^. And congratulation for starting your new website 👏

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